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The Smart Class Rooms designed to enhance the potentialities of learning and practicing of various subjects by the students themselves in the school in tune with the White Board Revolution prevailing today along with modern gadgets, appropriate study materials and a resourceful library

The curricular and co curricular activities are designed to empower the pupils for the right formation of their personality, in this age of abundant information through a variety of sources at their fingertips . The advancement of cyber information tends to place the pupil in a predicament for the right information.
The fusion of sports, games, literary and fine arts strengthens the body and mind to the culmination of a total person competent to meet the future challenges.

The structure of a well balanced dynamic work force of teacher and parent keeping the student at the center enables to complete the missing aspects of learning and practicing of the student by mutual sharing and counseling periodically.

The school is with moderate fee to share in the ultimate responsibility with the parent community consolidating the economic progression of the nation.
Our vision through the sacrificial mission is to equip the student to fly high ideal and shine as a star in the walk by the light of wisdom imparted by education.

The school serves the ‘need of the hour’. Here’s a harmonious educational environment where the dream of the parents on their wards will be nurtured with competency and confidence to prepare them for a bright future at par with the tradition, values and determination.

“Vidhyadhanam Sarvadhanam Pradhanam” (Education is Wealth) . The realization of this truth by ancient gurus undoubtedly prompted us to stand for the truth. We follow it to build the capacity in this generation to incorporate them towards a prosperous nation.

Function up to 10 + 2 level Affiliated to C.B.S.E

From the desk of the Principal

  • Rev. Jose P. Verghese

    This school emerges out of the ‘need of the hour’. We are ensured out of the practical partaking in the field of education with the apt solution to release the parent community from the vicious anxiety on their ward’s schooling and the consequent future. We believe, “it is expected of the leaders – and that applies to the teachers, that they know the way, show the way and go the way”. We assure a harmonious educational environment where the dream of the parents for their wards comes true and will be nurtured with competency, confidence and determination to equip them for a bright future along with the values of tradition.Personality also matters as important as grades.When you chose a school you decide who your child to be in the future for a progressive nation.Parents are not informed of the positive traits and negative traits of their precious child , but certainly for fee hikes and poor grades.Wish you a happy schooling!